Leather is a must when it comes to styling for both men and women. Many a times it becomes a tedious task to identify between the real natural leather and synthetic artificial leather. The quality of the real and natural leather is far more superior as compared to the artificial one. Besides the quality, the durability also varies to a large extent. So many a times we get queries from our clients that how can we differentiate between genuine and fake leather. Well here we are to your rescue. We’ll show you how to differentiate between both the counterparts.

1. The Wrinkle Test: Natural leather is easily bent. It can bend to a great extent and gets wrinkles. The natural leather also changes its colour slightly when bent and subjected to exertion. On the contrary the artificial leather is rigid and not so adaptable so it does not bend easily. This allows the user to judge between the real and artificial leather.

2. The Fire Test: Burn a small part of the leather product. On one hand where the real and genuine leather will get slightly charred and smell like burning hair, the synthetic leather is highly inflammable and will smell like burning plastic. This is the best way to ascertain the genuineness of the material.

3. The Water Test: Genuine leather materials are able to absorb moisture within a nick of time. It can absorb moisture and water easily and the water disappears within seconds of being poured upon it. Artificial leather forms a wet patch of water on its surface. So next time you go out to by that leather jacket, do keep a bottle of water handy!

4. Judging from the edges: The real leather is not always even. The edges of the genuine leather materials are uneven and not properly shaped. Genuine leather is not perfectly cut so smoothness and proper finish is missing in such jackets. Whereas in the artificial or faux leather, one can find perfect rounded edges which are perfect finishes and well cut and neatly designed.

5. Judging from the smoothness: If the leather jacket you own is extra smooth and shiny, there are chances that it might be an artificial piece. The genuine leather contains certain impurities and can be rough, granular and might even contain small grains and pebbles. These imperfections are a sign that the leather is genuine. Whereas the smooth feel indicates that the material is a synthetic and machine made material.

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