Mens Western Belt Buckle | 3 Piece Set


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If you are looking for an outgoing or over the top look, the cowboy belt buckle set will have you be just that. The 3 piece set western buckle has a stylish and great design that will bring the Wild Wild West aspect to your outfit impeccably well. The buckle has a stainless steel silver finish that is subtle and antique-like drawing your whole outfit straight from the cowboy era. The buckle is not only stylish but it comes in threes which gives your belt strap enough embellishment for a fashionable and striking look. The vintage silver buckle will give your whole outfit an edge that every cowboy possesses and their unique intricate designs have you on top of the belt food chain. This classic and profound piece is great for a casual outfit; especially on denim pants.

– Western belt buckle 3 piece set
– For 1 3/8″ – 1 1/2″ | 35 -38 mm straps
– Size 2.4″ X 2.6″ | 6.0 X 6.5 CM
– Metal, heavy
– Antique silver color
– Made in Europe
– Model code COWB34SET3

Our belts are measured from where the buckle is attached to the belt all the way to the middle hole.

Usually choose a belt two sizes larger than your regular jeans or pants. For example, if you wear jeans in size 30″, then belt size 34″ should fit well.

leather belt measure size chart new 2022


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