They say that the devil is in the details. No matter how grand or big something is, if its small, nitty gritty details are neglected, then it may have just lost its overall worth. Simply put, perfection can only be attained if the small, minute details are taken care of and given attention, the same way that the bigger, more noticeable things are given importance. This is a good lesson to remember, especially for fashion and clothing. The devil is really in the details when it comes to dressing sharp, and the smallest of differences can spell the difference between an epic get up and a complete disaster.

It thus goes without saying that the smallest details in an attire are very crucial. If you want to pull off an elegant and sharp look, it is best to look into the little things – the shoelace, the necktie pin, and most especially, the belt. Wearing a belt that is carefully selected and matched with the rest of your wardrobe is a big MUST, if you don’t want your entire get up to look rushed, or worse, out of sorts. How do you make sure that the belt you’re planning to buy is the right one for you? We teach you a few guidelines, so read on!


  1. A Belt Completes the Look. People contest that wearing belts is unnecessary, especially when the pants fit snugly around the waist even without the use of a belt. While it may be true that the primary use of a belt is to secure pants around the waist, it is also true that its function does not end there. For one, the belt breaks a rather one-dimensional flow of colors and styles that might make you look boring and bland. Think: Your shirt and pants match perfectly, but they are meant to be appreciated separately as well, not as one. Your belt provides that divide, that break needed in order to appreciate an entire get up.


  1. Always the Middle Hole. It’s considered a rule of thumb to use the middle hole of a belt. This means that the belt strap is just long enough to go around your waist, and then a few more centimeters after that. Thus, a good estimate is that your belt size must be 2 inches more than your actual waist size. This will allow your belt to be stretched just fine, and your look to be decent and formal. No one likes seeing too much or too little belt straps after the buckle.


  1. Full Grain Leather Beats Everyone Else. There are many types of leather belts, but all of them fall short when compared to a full grain leather belt. This type of belt is made from pure animal skin, and with no additional scrap. Thus, they are the strongest belts in the market. Compared to genuine leather, bonded leather, or synthetic/fake leather, full grain leather belts are more expensive, but they’re meant to last way longer than their inferior counterparts.


These 3 golden rules should always be remembered when choosing leather belts. Keep in mind, the devil is in the details. Be the best fashion devil that you can be!


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