Which Women Belt is Made for Your Body Type?

Have you ever thought belts can flatter your shape and hide your problem areas? Since they are worn around the waistline, an area where the real proportion of your body lays. Thus, they can make you look curvy, smaller, and taller and cover your love handles. To get these rewards, you need the one going well with your body type since all bodies are not created equal. So, let’s find out which belt is meant for your body shape.

Belts for Pears Body Type: 

Woman with pears body shape is narrow from shoulders and wider from hips. If you belong to the league of pears body type, you need the belt distracting attention from your wider hips. So, you may go for medium width belts which must be worn on slightly high rise trouser/jeans. Try a cinch belt with your dress to draw attention towards your top half. Don’t wear belt on your actual hips rather try to keep it higher up at your waistline. And choose the belt which is no wider than ½ inch.

Belts for Hourglass Body Type:

Now that’s the body type to die for! Hourglass body shape goes well with most of the belts style though wide belt gets upper hand. Besides accentuating your body type, wide belts highlight your “gorgeous curves.” However, you must prefer narrower tie belts if you’re short waisted hour glass.

Belts for Apple Body Type:

An apple shape body is characterized by the rounded shoulders, big tummy area, thin legs and average to big but. It means you need to avoid details around your butts, tummy and bust. So, in this case you can wear wide belt to minimize the fullness around tummy areas. Besides, you can try a belt with variation in width at the buckle for creating slimming effect.

Belts for Boyish/Banana Body Type:

If you have boyish body shape, you have small butts, undefined waist and narrower hips. You aim must be adding curves to your slender physique. Steer away from thick belts as they would overlap your torso. Without any hesitation, you can choose from thin or medium belts creating the right proportions. Like apple body type, choose the one which has uneven width near the buckle.

To Keep Your Proportions Right

If your body type is characterized by short legs with longer torso, put your belt over your top/dress slightly above than your hip line. It makes your legs look bit taller. If you have flabby tummy, wear medium width belts in the same color as your garment to avoid attention towards the problem areas. A petite girl must avoid chunky and wider belts.


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