Leather are the premier clothing accessories that complete a certain style or look, and with the ever changing trends in color, style, genre, and even influence, we always have to be on our toes. We always have to keep up with these changes, if we want to appear relevant, current, and simply put – in style.

What trends are there in belts for 2018? What does this year consider as great fashion finds? Which of your old belts deserves a second life, and which ones should you buy, if you still don’t have them yet? Read on to find out!

Trend # 1: Leather belts with a touch of fur

These belts are the epitome of FUN! Fur has slowly reached the top of fashion trends for 2018, and your belt should be no exception. Leather belts will always look clean, stylish and classy. But when you add the element of fur, your belt becomes immaculate – well, at least this year. Fur laces on your leather belts are rocking the runways, and you should follow suit.

Trend # 2: Thin leather belts

Thin in IN! 2018 makes it a point that less is more. Thin belts make good fashion accessories, especially in casual gatherings such as parties and night outs. You can choose your color freely though – pastel, neutrals, black and gray. The important thing is that your thin belts must be able to move freely within the belt straps of your jeans or pants, and not be worn too tight. Wear it correctly and it will give your figure a definite enhancement!

Trend # 3: Navy blue belts

There’s no question that navy blue belts will still be part of the trend for 2018. The classic color has made a name as a sophisticated hue; think: have you ever gone wrong with anything navy blue? The deeper the color gets, the more elegant it appears. So the next time you say that you need to let go of you old navy blue belt, think again. There’s a reason why you wore it all this time. It’s always in.

Trend # 4: Suede leather belts

Suede leather belts are nice to look at simply because they are the perfect midpoint between formal and casual. They are formal enough to be worn in suit and tie events, but they are not monotonous and one dimensional. They are also great with shorts and jeans, but they are not too wild or distracting to look at. Simply put, suede leather belts give you the best of both worlds.

If you strictly follow these 4 trends in belts for this year, there is absolutely no doubt that your wardrobe will get the positive reactions and recognition that it deserves. Belts are not just things to keep your pants on; they are a fashion statement in themselves. Thus, for 2018, your stylish choices must belong to these 4 amazing options. Fire away, 2018 is YOUR year!

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