Things You Need to keep in your mind before buying a leather belt

If you are looking for a men’s belt, certainly leather belts are the most common choice among various types of belts available. It could be made of leather from cow, crocodile, ostrich, lizard or any other. But being drafted from genuine material and with specific features, they always remain a top choice.

Fashion– a word with endless changes… From your attires to your apparels, the world of fashion keeps on switching now and then. And when it is about men’s accessories, the one to be a lot in news is the right leather belt.

Well, for busy men today, it is really hard to find the most suitable belt. But you cannot overlook the significance. Just a simple mismatch or other error will make a disaster to your entire dressing sense.

Fortunately, the basics of buying a good leather belt aren’t hard to learn, check them here:

Learn about choices: Certainly, your final choice will greatly dependon your personal taste, but it is important for you to learn about the different choices available. These form an essential and integral part of dressing up formally, and thus they need to be classy in true sense. As far as types of skins are considered, there are many. Among them, the most expensive belts are the lizard skin belts. Made from crocodile or alligator skin, these are identified with the trademark of small scale patterns, which make them look very exotic. So, if you wish to be extremely confident with your choice, try these.

Next good option could be calfskin belts. While these are stylish, on the other hand are reasonably priced. These form great choices for formal attires, and are versatile enough to go well with different types of clothes. The wide, casual or slim formal calfskin belts are every man’s choice today.

 Learn about the fashion rules

Once you start searching for the right belt, there are chances that you easily goof up with so many options. No, we don’t mean that don’t look for options, but it is just that be a little careful. Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid those large and loud buckles. This is of course not a good choice, if you are a teenager.
  • Dear men… metal studded belts are not meant for you. But if you are trying to pair them with a crisp white shirtand a faded jeans and, it can give you a casual look. However, wearing it to office will be a disaster.
  • Moving out for sailing on a yacht, or are planning to play golf, you can pair a sophisticated leather belt with shorts.

Learn about the color choice:


For the college going students, colored belts can be a funky option. But if are going for an interview or working in a corporate office, and need the confidence to carry everything wisely, the three basic colors tan, brown and black are prefect to suit your formal wear.

So, now all the handsome men out there, you have the freedom to pick your stylish leather belt. Be wise and buy wise!

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