Though leather is a sturdy material, it too needs proper care and attention. If mishandled it tends to get stained and ripped from places if handled in an improper way. Leather material need as much care and attention as a silk product does. So now the question arises that how can you maintain the shine and polished look of your favourite leather accessory. So here we are with some apt answers and actionable advices which will help you to a great extent.

1. Keep Humidity At Bay: Humidity is the biggest enemy of leather. Humidity can damage the leather of the finest quality t a great extent. To protect your favourite leather bag from getting deteriorated due to humidity, store them in an air-tight box with silica gel desiccant. Dehumidifiers can also be utilised to reduce the intensity of humidity and protect your leather product.

2. Regular cleaning is the key: Good quality leather shampoo will improvise the rough soiled look of your leather product and will help in giving it a nice and refined look. So if you use your leather belt, bag or jacket on a regular basis, what I suggest is use leather protection creams, leather conditioning creams and sprays at least twice a year to preserve the life of the product.

3. Need for waterproofing: Moisture can be a major enemy of your leather products. So as to protect them you must let your leather products be guarded against the brunt of weather. Also take care that the spells of water are allowed to dry naturally instead of being dried by extreme measures such as heat drying or using a blower.

4. Protect against extreme weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat can harm the leather can cause the material to bubble and peel away. The extreme cold temperature can lead to the cracks in the coatings of the bags. Long exposure to sunlight can also harm the leather as it can cause the colour of the leather to fade. In short, do not subject your leather product to extreme weather condition and care for them.

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