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Wide Saffiano Leather Buckle in combination with a belt of the same texture is a great supplement to a men’s wardrobe. But it so happens that the leather canvas of the buckle is cracked for the reason of everyday use. In this context, the leather product takes a terrible look. Solving this problem is lying in the replacement of the buckle on your favorite belt. This model is appropriate for such an occasion. Thanks to the simple installation of the buckle on the canvas, you can independently implement rearrange in a few minutes, getting a new product to compliment your casual or official look. Just unscrew the screw on a small canvas with a screwdriver, insert your favorite belt strap, and screw it in the reverse position. It is ready for use and will serve the owner for long years. Be mind that this buckle matches the belt straps of 39 mm (1.54 ″) width. The unusual-shaped canvas is made of high-quality black Saffiano leather and stitched with black threads for better durability. Draw attention to the buckle frame. It is unique since the front of the frame into which the tongue rests is also wrapped in leather. Cool and classy! The designers of Capo Pelle are experts in craftsmanship creating belt accessories practical and attractive. We strongly recommend purchasing this model to emphasize your unsurpassed taste in choosing men’s accessories. Add the product to the cart and get an inexpensive but essential accessory that will replenish the collection of your replacement buckles!

– For 1 1/2″ | 40 mm belt straps
– Size 2.0″ x 1.9″ | 5.2 cm x 4.8 cm
– Metal with leather
– Silver with black color
– Made in Italy
– Model code BCBL39SAFF

Our belts are measured from where the buckle is attached to the belt all the way to the middle hole.

Usually choose a belt two sizes larger than your regular jeans or pants. For example, if you wear jeans in size 30″, then belt size 34″ should fit well.

leather belt measure size chart new 2022


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