Western Leather Belt Loops | Rose Gold



LeatherBeltsOnline.com offers you unique Western leather belt loops | rose gold produced by talented Italian artisans. The model is designed with an embossed floral pattern and coated with a proprietary lacquer finish of rose gold color. Accompanied by a Western buckle and belt end tip, these small elements make your favorite belt strap a new one and special.

The belt keeper loop is made of solid metal that never breaks or defects. The model measure is 2.0″ x 1.8” | 5.0 cm х 4.5 см and fits for the belt strap of 1″ | 25 mm. The belt buckle loop can be used as a separate element or in pair with Western hardware of rose gold color offered by LeatherBeltsOnline.com. Check out our catalog to find the necessary fittings for your belt. All the belt accessories are made in Europe and meet international standards of manufacturing.

We hope the Western leather belt loops | rose gold of premium quality are the belt hardware you looking for. This small fantastic accessory brightens up your belt strap and will suit a range of dress occasions whether it favorite jeans, skirt, or a light coat. Make an order in our online store, design classy belts personally for you at the optimal price, and always be in trend!

– Good for 1″ | 25 mm belts
– Size 2.0″ x 1.8” | 5.0 cm х 4.5 см
– Quality Metal
– Rose Gold color
– Made in Italy
– Model code LOWE25RHBL

Our belts are measured from where the buckle is attached to the belt all the way to the middle hole.

Usually choose a belt two sizes larger than your regular jeans or pants. For example, if you wear jeans in size 30″, then belt size 34″ should fit well.

leather belt measure size chart new 2022


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