Orange H Belt Strap Wide


Cintura di Zona’s orange H belt strap,
replacement for 42 mm belts.

Brand – Cintura di Zona
Height 37 mm / 1.46”.
Made in Italy.
Model code HORBL16



A bigger version of the fun and hip orange H belt strap is also available. Made from the same high quality genuine leather, this creation from Cintura di Zona certainly speaks of a trendy lifestyle. The belt, reversible in black, is perfect for your sociable dinners, romantic dates, and even friendly night outs. It has a non cut end for those anchor and clamp/clip on type buckles. Once again, you are given the freedom to choose your buckle. Get creative! This 37 mm version is perfect for you. Get yours today.


Our belts are measured from where the buckle is attached to the belt all the way to the middle hole.

Usually choose a belt two sizes larger than your regular jeans or pants. For example, if you wear jeans in size 30″, then belt size 34″ should fit well.

leather belt measure size chart 2020


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