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Belt Buckle for Men Gunmetal is a time-tested accessory that perfectly combined with various types of leather and suede belt straps. Mixing these two details, you can get a perfect belt to match your own personal style or fashion. But be mind, belt’ straps and buckles do not always match your outfit to create the perfect pair. You should also take into account the shoes and other accessories to be in style. This model adds elegance to men’s suits as well as formal dress pants. As for the strap color, just give free rein to the imagination. Such a dark-silvered front plate can fit well with any color of your belt straps. Just rearrange the accessory to a belt strap inserting a belt tip into the buckle and fix it by using a locking mechanism and voila – your favorite belt is ready to wear! The belt buckle for men’s suit is available in 6 x 4 cm (2.4″ x 1.6”) size and ideally adapts with the wide leather straps of 35 mm (1 3/8″) width. This belt buckle for men’s suit is made in Europe. Consequently, it meets all European norms and standards. All varieties of accessories in a wide range are presented in the catalog of our online store. Here you can choose and cheaply buy metal buckles that you like as well as belt straps match them in sizes or color. Buying the model, you’ll get a 100% warranty of quality for an extended period of frequent use. Make an order and create a unique belt to fit comfortably your daily schedule and lifestyle.

– For 1 3/8″ | 35 mm belt straps
– Size 2.4″ x 1.6″ | 6.0 cm x 4.0 cm
– Metal
– Gunmetal gray color
– Made in Europe
– Model code CLAS34GU

Our belts are measured from where the buckle is attached to the belt all the way to the middle hole.

Usually choose a belt two sizes larger than your regular jeans or pants. For example, if you wear jeans in size 30″, then belt size 34″ should fit well.

leather belt measure size chart new 2022


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