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Recently, the Viking belts have become fashionable in men and every designer tries to make a unique, near-authentic accessory to amaze and lure his consumers. The renowned European leather goods brands have advanced far ahead in designing Viking-style belts for men. Inspired by Norse mythology & the Viking Age finds, they manufacture both the stylized belts and buckles.

Leather Belts Online has a wide selection of leather & suede Viking belts, the luxurious modern accessories for gentlemen with gorgeous buckles and ornaments based on authentic, historical
cinctures. The modern Viking belts are finished with hand-cast embossed buckles in the form of Mjöllnir or Thor’s Hammer on the interlocking knot patterns, made to the ancient motif. Here you can find matching belts for your themed parties, historical reenactment, cosplay, and…for your favorite jeans!

Regardless of the fact that Thor’s Hammer or Mjöllnir amulets have been worn by the Norse seamen and warriors in the ancient ages, nowadays the contemporary belts, detailed with the magnificent replica of Norse finds, are in favor by courageous, brave guys. So, dress up iconic & boldly with our superior Viking belts!