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The belts without buckle are a completely new trend in the casual belt category. Unlike classic belts for daily wearing, this type of belt is designed without a traditional buckle. Instead of it, the craftsmen adapted two pins to feature a perfect grip. Thanks to the newfangled clasp, the leather or suede belt perfectly keeps where it belongs at all times while the whole outfit looks tidy, fashionable, and stylish.

When choosing a belt for casual wearing, you can be imaginative. Such a belt will express your personality, dial up your outfit and sense of style. So feel free to buy the pin buckle belts, masterfully made of genuine raw materials, from the collection of belts without buckles designed by reputed European brands.

The texture of the belts varies. In addition to sleek and glossy leather belts, you can find here suede, full-grain, reptile embossed leather, or woven belts. When it comes to the color of the belts, it’s your individual preference. The dark belt color is versatile and goes great with jeans, khakis, chinos & casual trousers. If you want to give a jazzed-up look to your attire, focus your attention on the bright, bold belts.
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