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Designer mens belts are a popular choice, as the desired brand name can lend a luxurious touch to an outfit. Leather is typically the go-to material for belts, as it’s long lasting, stylish and ensures a perfect fit. In terms of color, black is the most popular, though brown leather belts for jeans are becoming increasingly popular for a more casual look.

Belts are an essential accessory choice in any men’s wardrobe, and the different types, styles, and materials on offer can lend an important finishing touch to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for dress leather belts, something to complete an everyday look, or the best men’s belts for jeans, understanding the materials and styles available can help find exactly what you need.

When it comes to high-end belts, Italy is often considered the home of quality, timeless belts, with full-grain leather being the best of the best in terms of quality and having the most prestigious reputation. French leather tanneries are also known for their tradition in high-end leather working, creating quality leather goods suited to men’s evening wear. The US is also home to a range of designers producing excellent belts, with full-grain saddle leather being among the most well-regarded options.

When it comes to well-known brands, ‘luxury’ names are easy to identify due to the prestige associated with them. Famous brands belts often have recognisable logos and designs, as well as subtly embossed designs lending an air of distinction. These belts come with a price tag to reflect their luxury status, and typically come in a variety of dressy designs suitable for special occasions.

When looking for more affordable options, it is often possible to find good quality leather men’s belts without the well-known brand name. Belts with simple designs, and featuring leather that is as thick and smooth as possible can still provide a strong, classic addition to any outfit. However, these belts will likely suffer more wear and tear and may not last as long as those made from full-grain leather.

Finally, when it comes to belts for jeans, the most popular choice is to opt for those made from genuine leather accompanied by a robust, rust-proof buckle. Sometimes, leather belts come with leather lining to ensure strength and additional coverage, as well as a more polished look. In terms of color, its worth considering that brown leather belts are increasingly popular, as well as lighter shades of blue and grey.

No matter what style, material, or price range you’re looking for in men’s belts, understanding the types of belts available, the materials used, and the countries that produce the highest quality designs will help you to find exactly what you need. From designer mens belts to belts for jeans, the best options are out there, ready to help you complete any look.