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The D Ring Belts are types of belts designed with D links instead of the traditional belt buckle. The accessory that comes with D loop-shaped buckle has become quite popular nowadays. It is both comfortable to wear and yet practical enough for all your daily attire or uniform. In addition, the D-ring design creates no holes in your leather belt and is fully adjustable to your desired length. The double D-ring belt goes well with modern street-casual, grunge, military, and casual style.

Such a timeless, favorite belt is simple and very easy to use. In order to fasten such a belt, you should simply pull the loose end of the belt through the pair of rings, going over the closest ring and under the second ring until it feels tight, and then tuck the loose end of the belt through the closest belt loop on your pants/jeans to firmly pinch into place.

All the D-ring belts from this product category are expertly crafted out of genuine leather and detailed with solid metal belt hardware for belt longevity and a sophisticated look. Made on the latest fashion trends, they are of excellent quality, durable & well wearing, and look great.

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