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Opt for the H belt straps to trend up your outfit if you are a true statement-maker. Buying the H belt straps with us, you’ll definitely get something that is worth its money. offers customers top-quality reversible H belt straps designed by prominent Italian manufacturers that are not inferior in quality to a world-famous brand with the H logo. Our reversible H belt straps are crafted with a top-notch of detail and precision.

The pieces are made of differently textured genuine leather, firmly stitched down by a machine, and in various colors on the front and the backside. The belt straps consist of two pieces of leather and feature contrasting stitching on the face side and tonal one on the opposite. The edges are cut and burnished, the holes are exactly in the center, and spaced apart with the exact same distance. The H belt straps are designed with a non-cut end, suitable for H belt buckles.

However, any belt hardware of an anchor/pin or clamp/clip design can fit ideally to the straps. You can easily use these belt straps for personal belt making.
Any style is reversible. Therefore your belt, made from the H belt strap, can be dressy or casual, based on your mood.