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The dress belt straps are the essential part of the formal belts, which are typically worn with suits, business outfits, and dressier types of attire. If you can only afford one belt, start by getting the dress belt because looking put together is never more important than when you’re at work.

This accent accessory consists of a dress belt strap and a small frame-style buckle. Unlike a regular leather belt strap, the dress belt strap should ideally be 1.25-1.5 inches in width and be made of superior quality leather. Such a strap should melt perfectly into the pants/dress and lay flat against them keeping garments neatly tucked. The dress belt, simply put, should seem like a natural extension of your outfit. owns a great collection of basic dress belt straps, designed by famous Italian brands. All belt straps for dress pants & dresses are presented in various designs, textures, colors, and widths. These are simple yet classy, and durable.
It’s considered that the dress belt gets the least amount of use for all belts in the wardrobe. However, it should be just in case. So reserve your new accessory for black tie events by purchasing one of our dress belts straps!