Some people would like to have a perfect balance between utility and style. These are the people who wish to buy a fashion accessory and get the best of both worlds. This has certainly become a lot harder these days, with designers focusing on either just form or function. Some accessories are simply made for the runway, with their intricate designs and complex handling needs. Some are too functional, on the other hand, and lose their sense of art and style. Thankfully, we here at have found that perfect balance! 37 mm belt straps are the perfect example.
Take Capo Pelle’s woven belt strap for instance. This belt is masterfully made for 37 mm belt strap lovers. The thickness of the belt strap is its strength point, and it is also a great space for displaying the intricacies of the design. Amazing artwork in a belt! That’s how 37 mm belt straps seem to differentiate themselves from the rest. If you love getting your hands on this and other 37 mm belts, check out our catalog! With a huge variety of options to choose from, you’ll really find one or more belts that not only work well for you, but also make your fashion statement all the more complete.