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Check out our 3/4″ leather belt straps | 20 mm when you are looking for a belt to replace your old, worn accessory. Our belt straps for replacement provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and style.
The so-called “”skinny”” belt is traditionally worn by women over a shirt dress or to accentuate a pantsuit. As for the men, such a belt is best suited for formal apparel or over a boxy suit (a growing trend amongst male trendsetters).

The quality 3/4″ belt straps for men & women can be made of various genuine leather, from full-grain leather to vegetable-tanned cowhides and suede, as well as come in a range of colors. But unfortunately, any belt has an expiration date and at a certain point needs to be replaced completely due to leather cracks, rips, frays, etc. Consequently, we’re on the lookout for a new belt, and a replacement belt strap is the easiest way to update a worn item in the wardrobe.

The Leather Belts Online store is your assistant to say good buy to an old yet favorite belt by matching it with a worthy replacement. Add a personal touch to any outfit by easily checking the belt strap out from our wide range of 20 mm belt straps. Update your wardrobe with a new, terrific piece of garments!