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The 1/2″ leather belt straps (13 mm) are classified as narrow replacement accessories that can be worn for a number of fashion purposes, starting from styling casual looks. Such a skinny width brings back your outfit to the 80s-90s when it was in vogue to wear a belt over a shirt or sweater or with your high-waisted jeans. However, narrow belts are still in demand nowadays. Therefore, young people, regardless of gender, tend to prefer these accessories in their wardrobe. What do you think is the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your favorite narrow belt? Without a doubt, by replacing it with a substitute option!

Narrow belts aren’t just functional these days but also very stylish and occupy a niche in fashion. The Leather Belts Online store stocks plenty of 1/2″ leather belt straps, made by prominent Italian manufacturers with the latest trends for men and women. By replacing the worn yet beloved belt in your closet with our 13 mm leather belt strap, for example, with embossed or studded, suede-finished or real leather strap, you surely accentuate your everyday jeans or pantsuits, casual dress, or skirt. Any way you choose to wear you can’t go wrong with our belt straps!