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The 1 1/8″” leather belt straps | 30 mm complemented with suitable belt hardware elevate even the most basic of ensembles. They are gender-neutral accessories that fit well with business attire and formal workwear. Traditionally, such items are made of rigid full-grain leather, reptile embossed leather, supple textured leather & other suitable materials of natural texture.

Our online store can offer you a huge selection of top-quality 1/8″” leather belt straps of the genuine texture and unique design as well as belt buckles for them. When building a personal belt by using the 1/8″” leather belt strap, avoid decorous belt buckles to make the belt look more understated, discreet, and stylish. Owning such belt parts in your arsenal, you can easily make your own accessory with countless possibilities by hand, which surely express your personality and dial-up your outfit.

Create a sharp and put-together look for any occasion with the leather belt, designed with the replacement 1 1/8″” leather belt strap and your favorite belt buckle. Incredibly well for a formal, business look, such a fashion accessory can make your outfit classy and smart, bringing another dimension to your look.