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Discover our 1 1/4″” leather belt straps | 32 mm when you are looking for easy-to-wear wardrobe staples that combine classic and contemporary styles. Such width of the belt strap fits mostly for designing belts for jeans, slacks, chinos, shorts, and pants to accent your casual outfit.

The Leather Belts Online store provides you with premium quality belt straps of 32 mm width that find a perfect balance between form and function. All models are crafted out of genuine Italian leather on both sides, lined and stitched contrasting along the edges, making them unique and smart. With a wide range of colors available, our leather belt straps are the ultimate everyday piece to improve your overall get-up. Just pick up suitable belt hardware from the array of buckles (see relevant section) and put an awesome belt on.

As casual belts are more likely to be intended as a focal point of your outfit, try to choose good-looking and, at the same time, high-quality 1 1/4″” leather belt straps. Certainly, they are not required to be a statement piece. However, the belts must show your immaculate look, sense of style, and blend in with the overall image. Shop for the exceptionally fancy belt straps with us!