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Select the amazing Viking belt buckles from the category above and customize your own Norse belts. The Leather Belts Online store stocks plenty of replicas of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, Odin buckles as well as leather belt straps, ready for worldwide despatch, to make your own unique belt. Besides buckles, we also offer decorative belt end tips.

The Viking epic still leaves a lot to be excited about while lots of things carry Norse motifs and images. Odin, Thor the inevitable Ragnarok, the well-deserved Valhallaes of the northern people, and Scandinavian warriors still mystify people’s imagination. So, making the Norse belts is a great craft for reenactment events, living history & historical costumes.
Our site offers a wide selection of different belt buckles in Viking style, made by skilled and experienced European craftsmen. So you can be sure to receive high-quality belt hardware.

The buckles are cast from brass or stainless steel, manually processed, polished, and covered by patina. On the face-side, they are designed with Scandinavian motifs, engraved with runes, embossed interlocking knots, etc. Each belt buckle is unique, original, and easy to match your clothes.