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Opt for the center bar belt buckles designed by skilled European belt craftsmen if you consider that your belt deserves the best. Our online store provides you with top-quality belt hardware you can rely on. All center bar buckles are solid brass or stainless steel, hand-polished, and coated with a proprietary lacquer finish guaranteeing years of use without tarnish. offers customers a wide range of center bar buckles, from rounded corner buckles to rectangle ones. The belt hardware features a centrally located connector bar intended to attach to the buckle. The buckle sizes offered range from 1 1/2″ up to 3/8″ and are available in a variety of plated finishes from black and gold to silver and rose gold. The size indicates the width of the connector bar or the maximum width of the leather or fabric intended to attach. Bear in mind when buying the buckles.

Our assortment allows you to use the center bar belt buckles for different types of leather or suede. The center bar style is great for any DIY project that has adjustable strapping like belts, bags, pet collars, purses, and much more. Just choose the suitable buckle that matches ideally with your design idea.