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Check out the 3/4″ belt buckles | 20 mm displayed in this category, which are designed by the most renowned Italian belt brands that are not limit themself to the customary belt designs and manufacture the stunning belt hardware. Here you can find both classic rounded corner and central bar buckles, contemporary and antique in design closures, unique and designer belt hardware, suitable for the leather/suede/fabrique belt straps 20 mm in width.

Adopt a completely new design solution for your favorite belt strap by upgrading it with our belt hardware. Such a subtle device as a 3/4″ belt buckle can easily embellish your belt strap and make it look complete. Here are a great many brass and nickel-free metal buelt buckles to choose from.

Imagine how the appearance of your belt as well as your overall outfit would change, when you switch on one of our outstanding buckles to your beautiful belt strap. Using this smart belt buckle, you can build your unique belt that suits casual dresses, sundresses, skirts, your favorite jeans & trousers. Choose the appropriate belt buckle according your style, color, material, and, of course, your budget. We are ready to satisfy any of your preferences.