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Get the best deals on the belt tips when you shop the best Leather Belts Online store in Europe. We carry a variety of belt tips to finish your favorite belt straps. Our belt-making supplies are cast out of brass and other robust metal and can be used for leather, suede, and fabric belts straps to make them look complete.

Being the most visible decorative and functional elements of a belt, our belt tips are sure to impress all. They are available in different colorways, ranging from timeless silver and gold to copper, bronze & various solid tones. We offer you items in classic, western and luxury designs, from large to smaller ones. They are featured with ornate motifs, florals & scrolls, and ravishing rhinestone inlays. Such belt devices with similar buckles and loops act as a statement piece, elevating the belt to a classy, smart accessory. Choose the belt ent tip depending on the thickness of the belt on which they are to be used and the effect desired.

Our stunning belt tips are stylish and trendy, making them suitable for formal and casual occasions. Scroll up, choose the required, suitable to the belt style’ device, and click ‘Cart’ to order. Make your crafting ideas come to life with us!