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The belt buckle screws more known as Chicago Screws, are small devices offering as a belt add-on option and a solid buckle attachment to rugged belts that allow you to change the buckle easily & quickly. Such belt elements are usually used on casual types of belts, since they’re typically wider and can accommodate the screws more easily. With its small dimensions and light weight, the belt buckle screws are not visible underneath the overlapping belt when buckled.

The Chicago screw allows you to swap out different belt buckles with the same leather strap or vice versa. The small device consists of two threaded pieces with flat heads on both ends where one piece screws into the other forming a strong and secure hold. Such a Chicago fastener easily attaches to the belt strap and sits flush against the piece. offers buyers the belt buckle screws produced by using zinc alloy, brass, and other robust metal in various color finish. Keep in mind that the belt you buy is a whole and all its parts should be in harmony with each other. Therefore, choose the Chicago screws to match the rest of the belt hardware in color. Here everything is offered with care to make you look better!