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Discover the 1 1/4″ belt buckles | 32 mm in size at the Leather Belts Online store! It is no secret, that the buckle is an integral attribute of the belt, and its everyday application is familiar for everyone. This fastening device is used to join together two ends of a belt or a strap in order to keep your pants up, secure your watch or other jewelry on or seal something up. However, it has long ceased to be just a clasp, but it works more as an accessory decoration today.

Our online store provides original belt buckles of various designs, dimensions, colors, and materials, manufactured by well-known Italian brands. This category of buckles includes the minimalistic in style 1 1/4″ belt buckles | 32 mm devices, cast out of solid nickel-free metal or brass. They always remain in demand among customers because of their timeless design, solidity, and great look.

Our belt hardware from this page fits ideally up to 32 mm belt straps, made of genuine leather or suede. If you are going to build your own belt, please feel free to peruse the Belt Strap section where lots of various straps suitable for the 1 1/4″ belt buckles are presented in a wide range. Shop with us and implement your belt ideas in reality!