Our Manufacturers

Leather Belts Online has teamed up with the most renowned belt manufacturers to give you the best belts and buckles in the market!


Capo Pelle

Capo Pelle’s belts are of top quality because of one simple reason: each belt is made by a very skilled and experienced maker, one by one. Yes, each belt goes through the masterful hands of a belt maker, in contrast to other belts which are products of machines doing mass production. For 20 years Capo Belle has given wearers the freedom to make their belts their very own, by providing options for customizing their belts, such as belt buckles. Its reversible belts provide real value for money; you no longer need to buy multiple belts for different occasions.

Capo Pelle’s dedication and seriousness on belt manufacturing is well documented. That is why we choose to team up with them; we are as serious in delivering high quality belts and buckles too. Now that’s a perfect partnership!


Cintura di Zona

Cintura di Zona is an Italian belt manufacturer that does not limit itself to the customary belt designs. Aside from its reputable catalog of standard black and brown belts, it has dress belts and other uniquely designed belts that truly make them unique. If you are after a belt that speaks of uniqueness and individuality, Cintura di Zona is the one for you.

Leather Belts Online acknowledges the importance of standing out and making an impression, that is why it has also teamed up with Cintura di Zona. Together, they make ream fashion statements become reality.



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