Your outfit gives you a chance to stand out and make your mark each and every day. How you dress yourself is probably the first impression that you make towards people – strangers, people you interact with everyday, and even your family.

We also know how important it is to appear clean, respectable, and most importantly, fit for the occasion. You do not want to appear in any gather over or underdressed; thus a lot of time and effort must be invested in your get up.

Perhaps one of the most neglected parts of a man’s get up is his belt. Yes, leather belts have always been part of a wardrobe, but unfortunately, men focus too much on the top (polo, long sleeves) the pants (or trousers), and the shoes. They tend to forget the very accessory that puts everything together and completes the look – the belt. Read on as we look into just how vital it is to choose the best leather belt for your attire.

Formal Belts: Never Grab the Spotlight

Men who work in the corporate world love to wear fancy belts to go along with their three piece get up. This is not always a good thing though, as sometimes “fancy” might grab attention too much towards the belts. The golden rule for belts in formal attire is simple: they should always complete the look, and act as a complementary part of your attire. They should never be the center of attention of your wardrobe.

Thus, your belt should be subtle enough to not attract eyes, but firm enough to complete the package. Try getting leather belts with widths around the 2.5-3.5 cm range. Brown or black never goes wrong – their cool and calm feel does the job just fine. The strap must also be subtle; it should have a fine, delicate weave, and that’s it.

Casual Belts: Let your Personality Speak Out!

This is the time to let your personality speak out. Casual attires are meant to be fun, so feel free to be experimental with your casual leather belt! You can be as creative as you want to be; but do not overdo it – anything in excess is undesirable.

For instance, your belt buckle can be unique and loud, but try not to do it too much. Making your belt too eccentric might put off your entire wardrobe. Your belt does not need to match your attire to a perfect “T,” and contrary to popular belief, your belt does not need to match your shoes. Your belt must also cover the brand tag of your pants or shorts. This is one styling tip that is often overlooked.

The Bottom Line: Comfort

You may go for a classic leather belt, or a fancy and quirky one at that. The bottom line is that you get to wear your belt with comfort. Also, people who see you must also be comfortable seeing your attire – that is, they should not be distracted with your belt. Have fun choosing your leather belts!






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