Leather belts: They too need care!

If it is about belts, both men and women seem to be fond of leather. And there are several reasons behind it. While some look for an elegant and exceptional accessory, to others it appears to be a durable choice. Whatever you reason of buying is, it is essential that you care for it. How? Learn here.

You ordered a leather belt online or bought it from your favorite store, what if a stain ruins the appearance of that gorgeous belt! Dreadful, isn’t it? Something similar happen to Ellis, have a look:

“Though I have many in my collection, yet it was my best. Actually it was special, as I received it from my best friend. It was my brother to leave it near his window where it was exposed to sun rays for a week or more, as he was out of town then. When we arrived back, I found it damaged and I went mad over him…”

It is important to learn here that leather need not really suffer from those ‘accidental’ spills or stains, which are known to spoil your other types of belts. But the crack or break which majorly occurs in your leather belt is due to oxidation. It simple makes the leather surface dry, causing it to break off soon. Another reason can be ‘UV rays’ or pollution, which was in the case of Ellis too.

In all, you need to understand that your belts need care. Putting in little efforts can do wonders to your accessory. Just follow the below stated tips, and make it work longer:

Choose the ideal size:

The reason for adding this point here is that it has been observed that one of the major reasons behind a damaged leather belt is the wrong size. You need to choose a belt which is designed to fit your waist properly. Whether you need belts for jeans or trousers, look for one which is neither too long for your waist size nor short.

Keep it safe:

Just like your skin, new leather belts, either for men or women, needs to be protected. For this, you can apply a softener or conditioner. But ensure that you use a specialist commercial product. In case you are not willing to buy those expensive conditioners, home remedies such as rubbing alcohol or coconut oil would also work. Take few drops on a clean cloth and just wipe the entire length of the belt. Allow it to dry overnight.

Proper storage:

When you return home, what you do with your belt? Just roll it or hang it at the corner? Well then you cannot expect it to remain classy for long. Make it habits, after removing the belt from a pair of jeans or pants hang it down full-length safely in your wardrobe. And yes, strictly avoid leaving the belt in the jeans, if you really wish to escape those creases.

Cleaning is must:

You cannot protect it from sun rays, dust, spills and stains completely. But what you can do is learn the right cleaning method to maintain your leather belts. For this, use a brush with soft-bristles, or the one which is recommended for other leather-based products. Keep it dry as far as possible and you can opt for a water-repellent conditioner.

Basically, environmental factors like perspiration, sunlight and dirt turn out to be a reason behind belt damage. In order to maintain a leather belt, make sure you adopt a proper storage solution and the appropriate cleaning techniques. Doing so, nothing can go wrong with your leather belt!

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