Contrary to popular belief, some first impressions DO last. Usually, what a person first feels when he sees you sticks to him for a long time, even after you have gotten a chance to get to know him in more detail. We are not sure, but some way, somehow, our first impressions towards people remain with us and almost always influence how we approach them. Needless to say, you have to invest time and effort into your image; more specifically, you have to make sure that the first impression you give – with the things you wear – is a pleasant one.

           Having a good fashion sense is an advantage, because it allows you to gain the approval and acceptance of people without you saying a single word. How do you do it exactly? You wear clothes that make you fit in, and at the same time, stand out. Of course, the customary top, pants, and shoes are important. But the little things spell the difference between success and failure.

 Your belt, for one, should show the world your personality. Your belt might occupy just a few square inches of your wardrobe, but it is so vital. Here’s how you can exhibit the real you with leather belts!

  1. Slick, Witty, Smart: Use a formal black or brown leather belt. This is the easiest way to look sharp. It’s also good fashion sense to match the color of your belt and shoes. The belt buckle must be shiny, and it must be just as big as the rest of the belt. Anything more would be too much.
  1. Cool, Calm, Collected: For a relaxed look, use a tan leather belt. Using natural leather belts will also give your overall get up that relaxing vibe. This is best worn with shorts, but they also look nice with jeans and some slacks.
  1. Young, Exciting, Free: If you describe yourself as youthful and full of life, you may want to use a webbed, fabric leather belt. These are the belts with a neatly woven belt strap. Normally these belts have round belt buckles. Belts like these allow you to explore your closet and be as young as you want to be.
  1. Standing Out, Making a Mark: If you want to turn it up another notch, then try to really stand out with a novelty leather belt! These belts have unique designs and only very few of each design are made. You can opt for snakeskin, beaded, studded, or even metal chain leather belts. Remember, not everyone can pull this off; so if you CAN, then you’re a real stud!
  1. Slim, Fit, Fab: Show your dedication to health and fitness with skinny belts! They make you look a lot slimmer, so if you’ve worked on your body and want to look even better, skinny belts are truly the way to go.

          Let your belt help you get the ideal first impression. Whether you want to be decent, fun, or even wild, use your belt to get the right message across!


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