How to Measure Your Belt Size: 4 Methods that Absolutely Work!

For most of us, choosing the best fit for our belts involves a lot of estimation. We can’t really know for sure as to what length best fits us, simply because we all have our own different ways of measuring belts. We have different ideas as to which hole we should use, we also have our own rules as to how long the rest of the belt should be. Because of these many standards that we ourselves make, we make mistakes in buying our belts. Some are too short, others too long, while still others can’t be worn at all.

In order to avoid this predicament, we have to learn how to systematically measure our belts. After all, almost all belts are manufactured according to a certain standard or measure; thus, it is only fitting that they follow a certain method of measurement. We learn that method here.

Method 1: With the use of an existing belt:

The best way to measure a belt is to use one that you already have. Remember which hole you use in this belt. Use this as a guide for the new belt.changeling

For standard belts, lay down the belt on a flat surface, and measure the distance from the buckle’s inside, to the hole which fits best. The total measure of the belt will be the distance from the leather belt’s fold to your intended belt hole, plus the distance from the leather belt’s fold to the buckle’s hook.

For belts with detachable buckles, it’s much simpler. Simply remove the buckle and measure the distance where the buckle was placed up to your chosen belt hole.

Method 2: Without the use of any belt:

If you do not have your tr5489e66787a67_-_abs-tape-measure-miscusty belt with you, it’s still possible to measure your ideal belt length. Simply get a tape measure and wear it around your waist, like you would an ordinary belt. That is, wrap the tape measure around your waist, through the belt loops of your pants, shorts, or skirt. The important thing here is to inhale as much as possible, and then measure the length as read by the tape measure. This is your ideal length.

Method 3: Estimating where you wear your belt:

This method women-belttakes a little estimation, and it depends on how you wear your belt. If you wear it in the middle (regular waist), use a tape measure to measure your natural waistline. If you wear belts low waist, 2 to 3 inches below the natural waistline would be ideal. Measure the length here. Third, if you wear belts high waist, 2 to 3 inches above the
natural waistline is the way to go.

Method 4: Simple addition from pant’s measurements:

This is intended for male belt users. Use the measurement on your pants or trousers, and add 2 to 3 inches to it. That is the ideal measure for you. This is a less reliable way to measure belts compared to the previous 3.

The important thing here is to have a belt that you can wear comfortably, and not destroy your clothes as well, whichever method you choose.

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