How to Belt the Popular Women Dress Styles?

A right belt can enhance the style of your women dress. It not only defines your waist but also highlight the curves of your body. So here are the belt options for the essential women dresses.


One of the must have dresses for women, LBD or little black dress can be worn at social events and parties. Go for the one that complement your fitting and is up to date in style. Besides making you look classy, LBD lets you do certain experiments. You can wear it with cardigans and jackets.

Belts for LBD:

A belt can add to your ooph factor! Make sure the belt fits well with the dress and gives a contrast. You can wear metallic belts, skinny blets, and wide belts with LBD.

 Boho Dress:

One of the most ravishing and feminine fashions, boho or bohemian is all about experiments, layers and accessories. The dress allows you to do experiment with accessories.

Belts for Boho Dress:

Braided belts, wide buckle belts, knotted belt

A Slip Dress
Slip dresses have been in a constant rage, whether it’s a runway or the social setting. A black slip style is the most popular style and can be dressed down depending on what you match with it. For giving it an edgy look, consider wearing it with Henley or oversized menswear inspired sweater for a more causal vibe, and a strappy pair of sandals.

Belt for a Slip Dress:

Any belt can be okay with them! But know your body type and natural waist first.

A Line Dress:

A Line Dress is the women’s wardrobe essential and can be worn for a chic looks. Its top is streamlined while the bottom is wide, creating the shape of a capital letter A. The good thing is that it looks good on most of the body types, especially for those having bottom heavy bodies. The hemline is available in mini skirt length to the below the knee. You can pull on A line dress in social settings, markets, date or a night party. Easy style and comfort are the key benefits of an A Line dress.

Belts for A Line Dress:

Skinny Belts, Metallic Belts, Crochet Belts

Shirtwaist Dress:

The shirtwaist dress borrows many features from men’s shirts like collars, sleeves and button front. It comes with a skirt like bottom while the hemline is on the knee. Shirtwaist dress looks best almost on every body type.

Belts for Shirtwaist Dress:

Skinny Belts, Knotted Belts.

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