Leather belts are, simply put, lovely! They are a product of an intricate and delicate process of using animal hide to create perfect fashion accessories for your get up. People have obsessed over belts for a long time now, and with the creation of new and unique styles, it won’t be a surprise if we find people with hundreds of belts in their closet. People love collecting belts, and it seems that they have a chosen belt for every and all kinds of events that they attend to, from formal to beach to weddings to meetings to first dates to divorce meetings.

                The question now stands: How many belts should I have? This is quite a tricky and funny question at the same time. First, it’s tricky because some people think that they can never have enough belts. They think that their present collection of leather belts lacks a certain style, trend or pattern. Thus, they buy more and more. On the other hand, it’s also funny because you can only wear a single belt at a time! Why do you need so many belts, when your pants clearly need just one? Isn’t that the normal thing to do – just keep one working belt?

                The answer is quite simple. At the very least, you need THREE belts. These belts obviously should differ in style, as you can have as many belts of the same design as you want (but they will only count as ONE belt). We will be talking about what STYLES of belts you should have. We leave the ACTUAL NUMBER of belts to you, and what your budget allows.

  1. The Dress Belt. This is the type of belt that you should wear for your formal or semi formal attire. The golden rule here is to match your shoes with your dress belt. If you love wearing black shoes, then this won’t be a problem for you. But if you are a brown shoe type of guy or girl, then this will pose a challenge. Matching your brown dress belt with your brown shoes is a MUST, so it might be advisable to bring your shoes with you when you buy your brown dress belt.
  1. The Casual Belt. This is the type of belt that has a lot of variations. Some casual belts can still be considered formal belts, with the belt buckle setting the difference. Casual belts do not have to have that shiny buckle, or a single shape. Moreover, the belt strap is given more freedom in casual belts. Some casual belts are made of thinner straps that weave around one another. This is actually a very flexible belt category, and having 2 to 3 differently styled casual belts should be okay. Of course, you can always do more.
  1. The Fabric Belt. This is where it really gets interesting and creative. Take a look at suede belts; they are simply lovely. Make sure you have these belts with you, just in case you want to stand out from a crowd. Find one style that you love, and go ahead – expand your collection!

                These three types of belts should always be in your collection. You can have just 3 or 30’ what’s important is that all these three types are well represented.

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