Belts do what they have to do, and they do it for us consistently. They live up to their function, which is to make sure our pants do not fall off. If you look at it that way, then you may think of belts as very one dimensional and uninteresting. However, if you consider how far belt manufacturers and designers have gone just for you to have that perfect belt around the loops of your belt or pants, then you may look at belts with more admiration and appreciation. Just how much work is done in each belt, and what more stories can our belts tell us, in order for us to treasure them more? These facts about belts will make you love your collection even more.

  1. Your Belt is Stronger than You Think. Do you plan to use your belt for, let’s say, two years, or until the fashion trend stops becoming the trend? Do you think that your belt can no longer last another year around your already growing tummy? Think again. The strongest genuine leather belts out there can withstand years of punishment and torture around your waist. For instance, pure leather belts can last for up to 10 years, without getting any scratches whatsoever, even with harsh use! Thus, it’s important to conclude that leather belts have two kinds of durability: functional durability, and aesthetic durability.
  1. Natural Leather vs. Fake Leather As in everything in life, natural beats fake Fake-Companies-List-Announced-By-TCS-and-IBM-2015any given time. The same goes with leather belts. Natural leather belts, which are made from 100% animal hide, can remain scratch free and very usable even up to a decade. Fake leather, on the other, hand, is made of non standard materials such as polymers. Wearing fake leather belts may be okay at the beginning, but once wear and tear starts attacking the build of the fake belt, the belt begins to give way. It skin cracks, crumbles, and its belt strap loses shine and strength.
  1. The “Genuine Leather” Mark Says It All. You may see many belts with the 1990826popular “Genuine Leather” mark on them. This is the ultimate test of the genuineness of a leather belt, and knowing how to spot real from fake is now a rare skill. Make sure your eyes know how to spot the real deal by hot stamping the mark on the belt. If the hot stamping process embosses the seal onto the belt, then the belt is made from genuine leather. But if the belt melts after doing this, it is surely a fake.

                Leather belts make great fashion accessories and complete the look of your formal, semi formal, and casual looks. They are also meant to separate the “men” from the “boys,” as real men would like to get their hands on real, genuine, pure leather belts. They may be more expensive compared to the fake alternative, but their quality will really be worth the price. In the end, nothing really beats the standard and quality of an original.

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