Does Your Belt Match What You Wear? If Not, Read This

The ever changing fashion makes you do experiment lot with your style. But matching of the belt with the rest of outfit is here to stay, no matter how progressive the fashion become. You style is worth flaunting with the right pairing of the belt with your outfits and accessories. Make sure your belts go well with your shoes, clothes and watches. Here are the easy tips to do that:

How to Match Your Belt with Your Shoes?

The basic you find in every fashion rulebook that your belt must match your shoes color. And if you do opposite to it, you look silly and inviting fashion blunders. In formal dresses, you need to keep the shade identical of your shoes and belt while you can take bit of liberation while pulling off the casual attire. So if you’re wearing shiny black leather dress shoes, you must wear a black leather belt; wear brown shoes with your brown belt. If you’re wearing a canvas shoes, a cloth belt is your pick.

How to Match Your Accessories with Your Belt?

Beyond shoes, there are much more to match with your belts. Make sure the accessories you wear go well with the finish of your belt. Starting from watches, wear a black watchband with black belt and shoes while tan band complements brown belt. You can also match your belt buckles with watches, for e.g. a gold watch with gold buckle.

(And Finally) How to Match Your Outfit with Your Outfit?

Our last but not the least point covers the outfit matching with your clothes. Bear in mind that the formality of your belt should match the formality of your attire. If you’re wearing a business suit, you must wear a formal leather belt in subtle shades like black and brown matching your shoes color.  Don’t try a belt with embellished or bigger buckle with your formal outfits. Make sure your dress belt is thinner with plain and smooth strap. On the other hand, you have plethora of choices to be worn with your casual wears. You can choose from big belts with flashy buckle coming with a cloth strap to flaunt your laid back style. You can use animal skin and woven belts for both casual and dressy occasion, but take care that they are not too flashy or shin and have simple buckle (for formal dresses)

So, these are tips for creating a combination of men’s belt with your outfits and accessories. What do you think? Awaiting your response! Please comment below or share your belt style with us on our Facebook page.

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