Getting your hands on a belt you can trust is a priority for every one of us. Our belts complete our look – whether we are going to a business meeting, a professional conference, a dinner date, afternoon tea with friends, out of town fun on the beach, or even just for your usual weekend routine to the supermarket. Belts piece everything together, and while it may be true that the primary purpose of wearing belts is to make sure our pants and shorts fit snugly, it is also true that belts have also become fashion statements. Thus, it is worth mentioning that every one of us has our favorite belts, the go-to belts that we always end up choosing.

What happens then if we gain a few pounds, and our favorite belts can no longer be worn? How about the other way, what happens if we lose weight? Our trusty old belts become too long, and wearing them makes you appear sloppy. Either of these situations is sticky, but we are here to help you get through this. By purchasing a new belt strap, you can create another version of your trusty old belt – now adjusted to your new size. Here is how it works.

             Method 1: Laying the belt straps down on a flat surface.

There is a nice and effective way to create a new belt based on your previous favorite belt. You need the following materials – your old belt, a new belt strap, one removable buckle, and a handy pair of shears or kitchen scissors. You have to lay your new and old belts on a flat surface to ensure accuracy in your measurements. Next, decide which hole in your new belt you would like to use.


The rule of thumb here is to use the middle hole. Place this chosen hole side by side with the hole you use on your old belt. Once this is done, use your fingernails to create a small marking on your new belt. This is the spot where we use the scissors; we will cut the belt strap with an additional 1 cm allowance. Lastly, connect the belt buckle to your newly cut strap, and there you go, you have a belt that fits you perfectly.

              Method 2: Wearing the belt strap immediately.

The alternative method here is put the new belt strap around your waist and immediately get a snug fit. Use the belt buckle on its appropriate end, and using the middle hole, attach the belt strap on this said buckle. Bring the other end of the belt strap close to the buckle in that it overlaps the buckled end. The cutting point is the part of the belt strap is directly above the buckle, plus one cm. Use your shears or kitchen scissors to cut the belt strap to its ideal length.
These are 2 very effective ways to create a belt that fits you perfectly. You will have the exact same snug fit in your new belt, and you’re ready to go.











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