Caring for your leather belts- Make them go long!

Summary: When it is about leather belts, they are one of the most essential, and somewhat expensive accessories for men and women, both. Certainly, you want them to work for a longer duration. But that’s possible when you care for them. Luckily, it is not that hard job. A little attention can make your favorite leather belt go rocking for years!

Whether you pick up a casual dress or go for a formal outfit, there is something which makes every get-up complete. Yes, you guessed it right! It is none other than that belt, which not only hold your shorts, skirts and pants, but also offer you a classy appearance. And things turn better, when it is a leather belt.

A high-quality leather belt is a great way to accessorize. It can make a simple dress turn classier, only if it is in its perfect shape. Definitely, just like your other accessories, your belts need care. A leather belt with appropriate maintenance can last for a good number of years. Hence, if you are looking forward to some stress-free ways to keep your belt unruffled and stunning, here is something to help you out. Have a sneak peek:

Choose a belt which fits you well!

10690130_786204641477352_8719985543837473375_nWhile buying a belt, make sure you check the size twice. Yes, it shouldn’t be too small or large for your waist size.The reason being, if it is too large it will cause the belt to bend around itself, leaving numerous small lines and creases. Thus, look for a proper size. You can match it with your pants size, and ensure proper strength and level.

Conditioning can help!

Just like your skin, leather too needs conditioning. In order to boost your belt’s life expectancy, not only you need it to treat it right but also use a leather conditioner on regular intervals. You can buy it online or from a local leather care shop. It’s a small and great investment. And yes, you can use it for your favorite leather shoes and jackets too. It is simply meant to deter the moisture and filth. Just squeeze a dime-sized amount on the belt and rub it with help of a cloth rag from both sides. Allow it to air-dry for few hours and results will be magical.

Cleaning is must!

Holeless Belt with Automatic Buckle Both ends.jpgIs your leather belt stinking or it has developed a little troubadour? Well, this is common with leather stuff. And it is due to improper cleaning. So, finally it is time for once-over cleaning. It will not take much of your time. With help of a banister brush and a cleaning soap, you cab scrub the belt gently on both the sides. Make sure you rinse it with cold water thoroughly. It is better if you leave it to dry in sun. Anyways, if you are using a hairdryer, keep it at least 15 centimeters away from the dryer’s nozzle.

Keep more than one!

Though leather belts are known for greater durability, yet it is advisable to have more than one belt in your wardrobe. Don’t wear it out and keep replacing them witGenuine-leather-belt-h-strap-brand-waist-belt-no-buckle-strap-buckle-belt-pure-Free-shippingh alternate options. Also, remember to take the belt off of pants at the end of the day. Don’t leave it, else it will bend out of shape and crease the material.

In short, caring for these belts is not a big deal. It is neither difficult nor time-consuming. You can easily maintain it at home, sparing a little amount of time!

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