An Art of Wearing Women’s Belt Rightly in 4 Easy Steps

There is huge difference between just wearing a belt and wearing it rightly. Throwing on belts over your outfits flawlessly makes your style, color, and belt placement in sync.  And opposite to it just invites fashion blunders and mars the appeal of your style. Here are some loose tips helping you to wrap around the belt in a way so that your body can be flattered while having all the rewards mentioned in the second line of this blog at the same time. Look no further, and read below to do that.

Know Your Natural Waist and Hips:

For an effective belt placement, you must know your natural waistline, which is different in every body type. A natural waist lies between your chest and hips, just above the belly button and is the narrower part of your torso. On the other hand, the waist lies where your low or mid rise jeans or trousers placed at. Make sure your maxi dress and sundress place at your natural waist. If you’re short, wear it lower than your waistline in front while keeping it at waist level in the back.

Consider the Belt’s Width:

After location your natural waistline, the next task is think about the width of the belt. A wider belt flatters your figure and accentuates your curves and goes well with loose outfits, dress or layering. If you’ve long waist, the wider belt styles are meant for you. But drop it if you’ve short waist and try skinny belts instead. If you have no waist definition or straight, a narrower belt placed a bit lower in front does the job for you.

Think Contrast:

After done with natural waist and belt’s width, check if the belt complements the color of your outfits. You can choose the belts of same color as your outfit. Besides, a low contrast belt is an optimal solution for straight and low defined waist. On the other hand, a high contrast belt will attract attention to your waistline.

An Effective Pairing with Your Outfits:

A statement belt must be worn with simple and basic dresses with minimal use of accessories to draw attention to your waist. If you want polished and chic looks, choose the belt matching the color of your handbag, shoes and jewelry. For a trendy look, try a skinny belt over your cardigan or loose fitted garments.

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