All You Need 5 Women’s Belts to Spice up Your Style

When it comes to jazz up the outfit, you can’t keep belts out of the scene. Belts are versatile and can go easily with wide range of styles like pants, skirts and shorts. Besides, they define your waistline and help you build a complete and versatile wardrobe. Given the huge variety of women’s belts, you would like to be spoilt for choices. But here we have listed women’s belts you must keep in your collection.


Women Wide Belts

Wide Belt looks great on Empire waist and adds curves to the women with thin waist while streamlining the thicker waist. Plus, it provides structures to lose outfits. Pick a leather wide belt if you want a bold or classic look while for more comfort you can go for elastic belts. You may like deep colors for giving it an edge.


Women Skinny Belts:

Skinny belt is worth your investment and gives a trendy touch to your outfits when worn on the waist or lower, on the hips. Like a wide belt, it highlights your curves. You can aBlue-Wave-Print-Skinny-Belt-Front-Image-100x100chieve a preppy look with skinny belts by tucking in your shirt, tee and blouse inside your high waist pants, shorts and skirts. To try it with layering, you must wear it with loose clothing assembles like jumpers and tees. Choose the one which is less than 1 inch in width and feature a metal buckle for a polished look.


Woven Belts:

Woven belt is a nice investment for the ladies who like to wear dresses. Its brown and tan color makes it complementing for most of the outfits while its hardware keeps it polished. Woven belts come in various sizes and shapes and you can wear it over you hip and natural waist. In this way, this category of women’s belts are must have.


Brightly Colored Belts:

A brightly colored belt pops up even your plain outfits. Pick the streamlined belts with the matching hardware. It is the fun way to make your classic wardrobe look trendy. However, you must know that the color trends change with every season. That’s why you need to go for the eye colors which are to stay here forever. Make sure you have put the eye catching colored belts on right place to avoid unwanted attention. Your aim must be to highlight the positives of your dresses with the belt.


Animal Printed Belts:

If you are mood to give an edge to your style, you can’t go wrong with animal inspired belt. It spices up your dresses, skirts, and trousers, especially those in subtle colors. Simple and small hardware helps you to keep your look classic.

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