5 Women’s Belt to Try Out This Summer

With summer round the corner, you are all set to upgrade your wardrobe with shorts, dresses and shoes. Whatever summer dresses you have, make sure you pick some good belts to make them even exciting. Belts are stylish, functional and define your curves; and in summer they become even impactful. We have compiled some women’s belts you must wear with your summer outfits.

Woven Tan Leather Belt:

A woven tan leather belt is the license to play with number of styles! One of the perfect summer accessories, you can wear it with most of the outfits. Wear it with your denim skirt for an extra oomph while it will make your shorts unleash nautical vibes. If you love bohemian style, the belt is the must purchase for you. Icing over the cake is that there is no faux pass to wear woven belt during the summer.

Skinny Belts:

Finding belt that can add a fair amount of sophistication to your summer dresses? Well, you can put your finger on the skinny belt without any hesitation. Not only it does embellish your outfits but also accentuate your curves. Whether it’s your pencil skirt, shorts, trousers, and jeans, skinny belts shares good pairing with almost every outfit. Just tuck in a shirt, blouse or tee inside your high waist skirt, trousers or shorts to make yourself preppy. Besides, the belt is the great go when it comes to use it on the layering like jumpers or tees.

 Metallic Belts:

If you want to make your outfit edgier, you can do it better with metallic belts. The belt is just glamorous when it is worn over the black dresses while make the shorts and blousy top look flattering. Metallic belts make you bling even if you’re not wearing jewellery and break the monotony of strong colored outfits. Your metallic belt must match the color of jewellery like bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Bright Colored Belts:

This summer make your outfits preppy and enchanting with bright colored belts. They are available in eye pleasing color like neon, green, yellow, blue and subtle tan.

The Tied Belt:

Your outfit unleashes funky vibes when it is worn with a tied belt. Its double wrap accentuates your waist to make you look more feminine. They are sophisticated and is the great investment for those who are fond of chic looks. Choose the one with correct size so that the tails of the knot can be in good length.

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