5 Rules of Thumbs for Choosing Right Men’s Leather Belt

Did you know? Men have been wearing leather belts since the Bronze Age. Since then, they have come a long way to become the men’s wardrobe essential. The leather belts not only hold your pants up but enhance your polished looks with their sleek tans and shiny buckle. Given the plethora of men’s leather belts online or at physical store in various styles, it’s essential to pick the right one according to your outfits. Here we’ve summed up the ideas to do that!

Consider the Belt Size:

Your mission to find the right men’s leather belt starts from here! Knowing your belt size is crucial, especially when you’re buying it online where there is no trial room. To pick the right size, go for the belt which is one size bigger than your pant waist size. It means if you wear trousers with 32 waists, you must choose a 34 size belt. Most belts have 5 holes and make sure your buckle’s pin stuck into the third or middle hole. Coming to the width of the leather strap, a dress belt is as wide as your thumb and anything beyond that would be casual belt.


Belt Buckle is the Next Big Thing:

The formality level of men’s leather belt is determined by its width. So, remember the smaller belt buckle is the more formal it is. The dress belts generally comes with small and simple belt buckles while the larger and embellished buckles are great for your casual styles. The dresses colored buckles are coated with gold or metallic color finish.


How It Match with Your Outfits?

As they say mix and match can make or break your style and same goes for leather belts. Always remember the old school style: a leather belt must match the finish of your leather shoes. For example, brown leather belts look good with brown leather shoes; a sleek belt is meant for polished shoes while dull colored shoes can be paired with only matte belts. Same thing you need to do while wearing it over your trousers. In simple, a dressy leather belt is for dress/formal pants while leave the rough belts for your cargo and casual trousers.


Know the Quality of the Leather:

When it comes to choose a men’s leather belts on the terms of quality, there are generally four types: Synthetic leather (fake leather), Bonded leather (made of scrap leather and other product), Genuine leather (Original Layering with Inferior Stuffing), and Full grain leather (100% Original and Long Lasting). Needless to say, you want to put your bucks on the one with quality and durability.


Wide Belts and Narrow Belts:

As you’ve known the narrow belts are formal while wider one would be casual. So, use your wide casual belts with lighter denim pants, and cargos while the narrow belts can be worn with dressier pants, chinos and dark denims.

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