Belts are lot more than a strip of leather worn round the waist. Though the primary function of holding the trousers up is undeniable, it has a broader use to. It is not restricted to a piece of accessory anymore. Now it has become a style statement which adds a personal touch to your styling and creates a sense of clear distinction between your upper half and lower half.

Here is a list of 5 Must Own Belts which will add class to your wardrobe and make you edgier and more stylish.

  1. Formal Belt: You can opt for either a black belt or a brown belt. You can even go for a double sided leather belt that features both these colours.
  2. Tanned Belts or Braided Belts: Such belts are the perfect ones to wear with a jeans and come in huge variety. The tanned belts can be either woven or braided. These can be even a simple leather strap.
  3. Double D belts: These belts are in woven and webbed fabric with double D fastenings. These belts prove to be a great hit for your summer wardrobe and will definitely add class to your dressing.
  4. A Fancy Belt: The one piece that makes you stand of from the crowd. It can be either a beaded, studded or a metal chain that will eventually become your signature style and distincts you from others.
  5. The Logo Buckle: By logo buckles we do not mean the bulky belts with enormous logos of the designer brands. What we mean is a sober looking piece of leather adorned by a buckle with the company logo in a size proportional to your body. But remember that the enormous logos are going to do you no good and will eventually make you a douche.

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