5 Guidelines To Know While Wearing Belts With Any Outfit

Here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” You Must Bear in Mind While Trying Belt with Your Outfit.

Belt with Tops

Avoid belting loose fitted tops like some tops like cardigans, blouses, t-shirts, and tunics unless you want to look goofy. Wearing belt over these tops make look aged, awkward and above all a person with poor fashion knowledge. Hope you don’t want these epithets on your style. The optimal way is that you tuck it your certain top into a skirt and then pull on a belt over it. Besides, consider wear a skinny pant so that the belt highlight the break between your tucked oversized top and the slim trousers. Stay away from belting two heavy garments together, say a light knit and sweater, as you only end up looking bulky and unpleasing as well.

Jeans and Pants

Drop the idea to wear the belt if your pants rest on your hips and come without any belt loops. If you do so, the belt will make them slip and half of your focus would be on to keep it on your waistband’s center.

 What no Dresses:

Though its universal truth belts make dresses look elegant, you need be careful while choosing right belts for your dresses. One of the most common mistakes is that many women try to define their waist by belt which only bunches a fabric together. And it kills the look of the dress and makes it sloppy. Avoid wearing the high contrast belt over you not so defined waist as it draw attention towards it. Someone with shorter waist should say no to wide or bigger belts.


Belting a skirt without loops is really challenging as it’s hard to keep it in proper place.

 The middle of the skirt band should rest on your natural waist (between your chest and hips, just above the belly button and is the narrower part of your torso) to avoid its sliding around. Wear the skinny belts on the skirts just 1 inch below at the meeting point of your tucked in top and skirt waistband. On the other hand, wide belts must cover the meeting spot of the top and skirt.


Use the belts attached with coats instead of replacing with your own. It is progressive fashion, as seen in many fashion magazines, but end result will look weird when you want your attire to look natural.

So, keep these tips to wear women’s belt in your mind and save your style from fashion blunders. Happy Belting!

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