4 Men’s Belts Everyone Must Have in Wardrobe

If you think belts are nothing but a leather strip used to worn around the waist to hold the trousers, you need to think again. Belts are the must have men’s accessories and enhance the style quotient of your dress ensemble. Whether it’s your formal wear or casual pieces, a belt effectively distinguish your upper clothing from bottom half. But it is equally true that you can’t throw any belts with any trousers. So, it’s a wise and nice idea to invest your bucks on the men’s belts complementing your every style better. Let’s have a look on essential men’s belts you must put your finger on:

Leather Dress Belts:

Leather dress belts are common sight in men’s wardrobe and widely used with formal dresses and business outfits. Generally, they are available in black and brown leather and are up to 3.5 cm wide. Leather dress belts tastefully complete your formal dressing without distracting the glance on you. Make sure the belts match your shoes and steer away from those with exaggerated buckles. If you want bit of embellishment on your strap, you may choose a belt with fine weave, grains or finish. Always shop quality men’s leather belts and stay away from re-used or cracked one.

Causal Belts:

Causal men’s belts are chunky, loud and much embellished and come with all kind of buckles. Whether you’re a rapper or bike enthusiast, they reflect best your personality. They can be worn with all bottom wear like jeans, shorts, chinos, and cargos. Unlike formal belts, they are available in many colors, buckles and straps. But like formal belts, you can’t throw the style rules to the wind when it comes to wear the causal belts. Wear thin belts with your skinny jeans while wider styles look great with chinos, trousers, shorts, and jeans.

Fabric Belts:

Fabric belts are neither too polished like dress belts nor too loud like causal. In other words, they belong to semi formal category. Though they are less common and confusing to wear with, they accentuate your outfits. Fabric belt is ideal to wear in summer and can be paired with light fabric of trousers including beige, navy chinos, and white.


The Buckle Belt:

Yet another offshoot of the men’s casual belts, the buckle belt is the fusion of the cowboy and the western style. The width and thicker of these belts make them cool to wear with denim. As suggest by the name, the buckle of the belts carry various designs like logos, symbol or characters. They are great to flaunt to be emerged as the stand out from the crowd. But don’t shop too exaggerated or the one which buckle is larger than your fist.


 So, that’s all about the men’s belts every man should possess to highlight your dressing. But choose the one which make you feel comfortable. What do you think about our piece of information? Please, let us know by commenting below.

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